Webinaire – COVID19, Workplace Law, and Workplace Policy

29 janvier 2021 à 12:00 (EST)

COVID19, Workplace Law, and Workplace Policy: Getting the Balance between Safety and Privacy Right during the Pandemic

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Ce webinaire est présenté par le Centre for Law in the Contemporary Workplace (partenaire du projet du CRIMT sur l’expérimentation institutionnelle et l’amélioration du travail) et le Queen’s Employment Relations Program.

Employers have legal responsibilities to ensure healthy and safe workplaces. Meeting this responsibility includes minimizing the risk that infected workers will come into contact with colleagues. How far can employers go in requiring employees to disclose information about infection risks, and to adhere to public health guidelines? What rights do employees have to know about contagion risks posed by other employees? How far does the employer’s obligation to ensure a safe workplace extend into employee’s off-duty activity? What privacy rights do employees have when working from home, or working online?

Conférencier.ière.s : Dan Michaluk, Borden Ladner Gervais, and Emma Phillips, Goldblatt Partners

Moderateur.trice.s : Prof. Kevin Banks, Queen’s Law, and Kim Bernhardt, Arbitrator

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