Pierre Verge was an Emeritus professor at the Faculty of Law, Université Laval, and a co-founder of CRIMT. A true humanist and a rigorous scholar, through his prodigious body of work, he helped to establish labour law within the larger field of law, while emphasizing its universality and fundamental importance. His efforts to understand the transformations of labour law, notably through his interdisciplinary work within CRIMT, highlight the multiplication of sources and norms of regulation and the re-articulations between them – always with the objective of developing a coherent legal doctrine in synch with the realities of the world of work.

The Pierre-Verge CRIMT Scholarship supports full-time graduate students in Quebec universities whose masters’ or doctoral dissertations fits within the research program of the Interuniversity Research Centre on Globalization and Work. It is aimed at students whose work deals with collective autonomy, international labour law, or the articulation of sources of labour law, with a preference for those integrating work from the social and human sciences in the analysis of the legal regulation of labour.

Find out how you can support this initiative. You can do so at Université Laval or Université de Montréal by making a donation to the Pierre-Verge and Jacques-Bélanger scholarship program. Your contributions will allow the attribution of two distinct scholarships (Pierre-Verge and Jacques-Bélanger), each with its own vocation.