Publication -Trade Unions and Regions. Better Work, Experimentation, and Regional Governance

Nous sommes heureux de vous présenter un nouvel ouvrage rédigé par des chercheurs et des chercheuses de notre réseau  intitulé Trade Unions and Regions. Better Work, Experimentation, and Regional Governance

Résumé du livre (en anglais uniquement)

 Trade Unions and Regions: Better Work, Experimentation, and Regional Governance is about the place of workers and their unions in the modern world. It addresses current challenges for unions working in regions and the experiments that may take place at this level of governance.

The book addresses pressing questions concerned with the conditions for better work and a humane society. The focus is on the capacities of unions to address questions relating to regional governance, in both supranational and sub-national regions. It examines workers and their unions in a variety of contexts: multinationals, industries, workplaces, and communities. The authors address the experiments that can be initiated by unions, governments, or employers and the ways in which collective organisations engage to address these matters in regional contexts. The analysis takes as a starting point the fracturing and divisions evident in various regions, in Australia, Canada, Mexico, Spain, the United Kingdom, and USA. The contributors propose novel analyses with lessons for unions. It should be of interest to union activists and leaders, political parties, governments, and those who make decisions in and about regions.

Researchers and students of labour markets, political mobilisation, and employment relations will take the analyses further.

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