The interuniversity Research Centre on Globalization and Work (CRIMT) and the Canadian Industrial Relations Association (ACRI-CIRA) are pleased to invite you to attend a public webinar on John Peters’ new book Jobs with Inequality: Financialization, Post-Democracy, and Labour Market Deregulation in Canada (University of Toronto Press, 2022). Drawing on new tax and income data, John Peters tells the story of how inequality is unfolding in Canada today by examining post-democracy, financialization, and labour market deregulation. Timely and novel, Jobs with Inequality explains how and why business and government have rewritten the rules of the economy to the advantage of the few, and considers why progressive efforts to reverse these trends have so regularly run aground.
In an exchange with the author, Judy Fudge (McMaster University), Ian MacDonald (University of Montreal) and Jim Stanford (Centre for Future Work) will offer their comments and main take-aways from the book. Gregor Murray (University of Montreal) will act as facilitator for this discussion. 
This webinar will take place on Zoom, on Tuesday May 16th at 12:00, Montreal time. No advance registration required ; simply to show up on the scheduled date and time by clicking on the following Zoom link
The webinar will take place in English, but linguistic facilitation will be provided for participants who want to comment or ask questions in French. It will also be recorded for further dissemination.
We are looking forward to seeing you at this event.