Publication – Trade Unions in the European Union

Trade Unions in the European Union. Picking up the pieces of the neoliberal challenge

Jeremy Waddington (Ed.), Torsten Müller (Ed.) & Kurt Vandaele (Ed.)
2023, Peter Lang, Travail et Société / Work and Society, Volume 86, 1184 p.

Kurt Vandaele, coresearcher in CRIMT’s Partnership project on Institutional Experimentation for Better Work, invites you to take a look at his new coedited book on trade unions in the European Union, which is freely available (eBook version in open access) on the publisher’s website.


Trade unions have repeatedly been challenged by neoliberal programmes implemented within Member States of the European Union (EU) and at the European level.

The twentyseven country chapters at the core of this book chart the features of the neoliberal challenge in the EU Member States and the measures implemented by unions in their attempts to adapt to changed circumstances since 2000. It is clear that union activity, either independently or in conjunction with allies, will be at the centre of revitalization campaigns if the pieces left from the neoliberal challenges are to be picked up and wielded into a coherent response.

This book offers a comprehensive comparative overview of the development, structure, and policies of national trade union movements in the EU. It presents an in-depth analysis of the challenges facing these organizations and their strategic and policy responses from 2000 to 2020.