The Shirley Goldenberg Scholarship launch took place at the University of Toronto Faculty Club on 31 March 2017. It was a stimulating gathering bringing together Shirley’s many colleagues, friends, family members and former students, united in their admiration for her and her many professional and personal achievements.

Gregor Murray, the director of the Interuniversity Research Centre on Globalization and Work (CRIMT) and a professor in the School of Industrial Relations at the University of Montreal, gave an overview of this scholarship initiative and why Shirley Goldenberg is such a pioneer in the field of industrial relations scholarship in Canada. Then Elizabeth MacPherson, a former student of Shirley’s and later Chairperson of the Canada Industrial Relations Board (2008-2014), expressed her gratitude, on behalf of multiple generations of students, for Shirley Goldenberg’s role as a teacher and mentor. Finally, Shirley brought down the house with her wide-ranging recollections and characteristic generosity towards the many people who have contributed to her life as a scholar, a practitioner and valued family member.

If you could not be there or if you would simply like to read what was said about Shirley and by Shirley about this scholarship initiative, you can consult these speeches by clicking on the links below. Also included are a few photos from the event.

Gregor Murray
Elizabeth MacPherson
Shirley Goldenberg