As the first woman scholar in the field of industrial relations in Canada, Shirley Goldenberg is undoubtedly the pioneer in terms of establishing the legitimacy of women’s presence in this field of study. She has devoted her professional life to an improved understanding of all aspects of work and employment. Considering the era in which she accomplished so much, her achievements as a full professor, researcher and author are outstanding. This is all the more remarkable given her commitment as a caregiver to her family. 

The Shirley Goldenberg Scholarship will support full-time graduate students in Canadian universities whose masters’ or doctoral dissertations involve cutting-edge research on major trends in work and employment, with a particular focus on the public policy implications, and whose work is integrated into the research program of the Interuniversity Research Centre on Globalization and Work. The research should promise to make an exceptional contribution to our understanding of how the policies and practices of organizations, companies, trade unions or governments might make work better.

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Better work is a key for constructing better societies. This is exactly the concern that inspired Shirley Goldenberg throughout her career and why we take such pleasure in launching this scholarship initiative in her honour. CRIMT is the French-language acronym for the Interuniversity Research Centre on Globalization and Work (Centre de recherche interuniversitaire sur la mondialisation et le travail). CRIMT is an interdisciplinary and interuniversity research centre seeking to build knowledge on how to make work better. Based at Université de Montréal, Université Laval and HEC Montréal (its three partner institutions), CRIMT brings together more than 150 co-researchers located in 23 Canadian universities (including McGill, UQAM, Queen’s, UoT, York, Guelph, Western, SFU, UVic) and 44 institutions and universities overseas. The CRIMT research program provides an environment for leading international research and training in industrial relations, human resource management, labour law, labour studies, geography, sociology, economics, politics and management.